Pupil Premium Familiarisation Portal

GSHA working with King Edward VI Foundation and Frog Education offer access to a learning portal to help prepare Pupil Premium students for the 11+ examination.

The portal contains learning materials, introductory videos, 
practice assessments and supported activities. Piloted by over 20 Grammar Schools last year and proven to raise results, confidence and fluency of Pupil Premium Students.


  1. Introduction and Familiarisation
  2. Non-Verbal Ability
  3. Comprehension
  4. Verbal Ability
  5. Maths
  6. Complex Non-Verbal Ability
  7. Practice Tests
  8. Final Preparation




The portal is suitable for CEM and GL Assessment (new addition for 2021/22) users. Content can be removed if schools do not require all lessons.

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“We have a need to level the playing field in order that we can truly identify those with academic ability rather than social privilege. These familiarisation materials and analytical tools support the learner and our schools to really make a difference in creating a more equal society.”

Tim Harris, Headteacher
Colyton Grammar School


“It’s a great way of helping to level the playing field for disadvantaged students by giving them access to familiarisation materials and it also demonstrates your school’s commitment to increasing the access for such students."

Pete Lawrence, Headteacher
Torquay Boys Grammar School

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