Promote good practice in your school with the Behaviour Management System available in FrogLearn.

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Use Frog for Behaviour Management

Implement effective behaviour management processes using FrogLearn. Support a consistent and fair approach to student behaviour. Easily record and manage interventions, creating secure digital student records that can be overseen by senior leaders and used in discussions with teachers, students and parents.


Whole School

The Behaviour Management System is available to all FrogLearn customers for delivery of a school-wide approach to behaviour that is clear and consistent for everyone.


Effective Inclusion
Unit Management

Using the Behaviour Management System, teachers can set work for students within the inclusion unit ensuring student learning can continue throughout their time out of class. 


Informed discussions 
with parents

Maintaining secure digital records on the Behaviour Management System enables teachers to recall individual student behaviour profiles and supports discussions with parents providing evidence of interventions.


Behaviour Reporting

Through the Behaviour Management System, senior leaders have total visibility of school-wide behaviour reports, as well as access to individual student records. Administrators can export information for in-depth analysis. 

Total visibility for Senior Leaders and clear processes for Teachers


Behaviour Reports
Senior leaders can easily access individual behaviour reports when dealing with escalations from teachers or parents.


Whole School Anaylsis
Total access to whole school behaviour reports which can be exported for further analysis.


Student Booking System
Simple booking system enables teachers to quickly register students for detentions and inclusion units.


Access to Student Records
Secure single sign-on for Frog gives teachers a class-wide view of student behaviour management records.


Incident Logging
Customisable forms provide necessary details of incidents as they arise.

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