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Use your Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premiums to cover the cost of FrogPlay.



Did you know that the department of education has grants available for each student who did not achieve the expected standard in English or Maths at the end of KS2?

These grants are currently £500 per student.


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FrogPlay contains hundreds of booster tutorials and quizzes from KS2 PLUS self marking SATs papers making it the ideal intervention tool to get your Year 7’s back on track. 

FrogPlay has video tutorials to support English and Maths, additionally it also contains over 300 thousand curriculum mapped questions to help every student at your school.

When used as part of your overall strategy to helping these students, FrogPlay is a powerful tool to encourage student engagement and save your teachers time...


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Benefits for all!

And FrogPlay is a whole school system, which contains over 300,000 curriculum-mapped questions in 20,000 quizzes, question-level analysis and English & Maths tutorials for KS1, KS2, KS4 (KS3 videos coming soon). 

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Depending on the size of your school, FrogPlay costs between £995 and £2995 annually. 

Just two Year 7 students could cover the cost for your entire school!

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FrogPlay for Primary
Approximately 300 pupils

Includes half day of staff training. 

£995 per annum*

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FrogPlay for Secondary
Approximately 1000 pupils

Includes full day of staff training. 

£2995 per annum*

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If you are a small secondary with lower pupil numbers - get in touch and we will be able to work out a deal to meet your needs.

*Requires a three year contract.

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