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You've been able to take photos, video and audio using FrogSnap but scanning text docs with a phone can be a real pain. Until now - use FrogSnap to scan text documents* and the app will detect the page edges and automatically line up the shot for you!
*iOS Devices Only

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FrogSnap is a mobile application that links with your FrogLearn platform, allowing you to upload videos, audio clips and photos to your chosen sites. This is great for evidencing student work and displaying the progression they have made.

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FrogSnap Training

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Harrison O'Neill from Rushy Meadow Primary School shares his experience at one of Frog's Eat-Share-Learn events.

Document scanning!

See how the new 'intelligent document scanning' features introduced to FrogSnap in September 2017 could have a massive impact at your school.
Only on iOS Devices

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