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Media widget use site assets display images in a site display photos in a site display videos in a site display images in a page display photos in a page display videos in a page add videos to a site add videos to a page send videos to a site send videos to a page add videos to a site add videos to a page use videos In a site use videos in a page using videos on a site using videos on a page using media in a site using images in a site using pictures in a site capturing evidence capture evidence add evidence to a site add evidence to a page add audio to a site add audio to a page add recordings to a site add recordings to a page use audio in a site use audio in a page send audio to a site send audio to a page add voice recording to a site add voice recordig to a page how can I add media to a site how to add media to a site what is the media widget what does the media widget do how do I use the media widget

Please Note: 

The Hotspot widget cannot be used on public site - however, the FrogCode widget (Hotspot for Websites) can be used with the Hotspot widget to enable hotspot use on public websites.

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