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Optimising Images for Web

A quick guide to getting the best results

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Tips and Suggestions

Avoid pasting images into the text widget

It seems like an easy option to copy and image and paste it into the text widget, but if you do this you convert the image to the largest image format (bitmap) and it will take your site a long time to load.

In both MS Word and PowerPoint, you can right-click and save individual images.


Offer to convert images for your teachers

Did you know Photoshop can batch convert images.  If you can encourage your staff to drop their images into a shared folder, you can set Photoshop running to convert en-masse:

Visit this website for more details


Include a lesson on image optimisation for your students

When introducing your students to ICT, include a section about how to use image editing software.  This will be useful throughout their time in school and beyond.

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