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Optimising Images for Web

A quick guide to getting the best results

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Pixlr Editor

This is a currently free website from Autodesk which offers lots of tools for image editing

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr is Flash-based.  You may need to enable this in your browser.  You can find instructions here:



  • Import your image into Pixlr from the opening screen, OPEN IMAGE FROM COMPUTER


  • From the Image menu, choose Image Size...


  • In the pop up, type 1000 in the width box
  • Click OK


  • The image reduces in size and is now ready to save
  • In the File menu, choose Save
  • In the new pop up, make sure My Computer is highlighted, JPEG and 80 quality is fine
  • Click OK to save you image


Final result


Image size:130 Kb

1.4% file size of original

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