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Groups (MIS)

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Start of year process

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New Groups

New groups should now have been added to the platform by the MIS import. Their memberships should also have been updated so all there is for the administrator to do to check:

  • Have the new groups been created?
  • Are they named correctly?
  • Is their membership correct?

If any of this information is wrong, the first step would be to check in your MIS as Frog will pull all this information from there. As an MIS linked group, you will have no access to update the membership or name of the group, so any changes need to be made in the MIS.

If you have any problems please contact our Service Desk.


Updated Groups

Any group that has maintained the same MIS ID at the year change, will not be replaced but will be updated.

These groups may update their name or their membership so as an administrator there are two checks to make:

  • Have the changes applied in the MIS filtered through?
  • Is the membership of the group correct?


Old Groups

Old teaching and registration groups that no longer exist in the MIS will have their MIS link in Frog removed. This means that they can be deleted from the Groups & Policies application. The old groups will be marked with 2018_xxx so that they can be easily identified. Old groups will only be visible within the Groups & Policies application, they will not be visible when sharing content within FrogLearn to reduce any confusion before the groups are removed.

Removing Old Groups

  • Log into the Frog platform as an administrator
  • Navigate to the Groups & Policies application.
  • Check your old groups, they should have 2018_xxx as a prefix and the MIS column should be blank (no tick).
  • Use the Select button to multiply select the groups you want to delete.
  • Use the Action Cog to choose the Delete Group option.  
  • You can also just look for the groups that are not MIS linked and delete them (Please note: you need to double check that these are no longer in use as some Groups may have been created within Frog by Admin users)      


Important Note:

Deleting a group is a permanent change which cannot be undone. Please ensure that you are happy the group is no longer in use before removing it.

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