FrogParent (SIMS)

Parent Widgets

When enabled, a new category will appear in your widget editing panel, called Parent. These widgets display data about a parent’s children. They also interact with the Select User, Select Date and Select Subject widgets found in the Advanced category. Staff and Admins will be able to look up children using the Select User widget, however Parents will only see their children’s names as an option.

  • Registration Attendance - An overview of a child’s attendance in school for the selected date range
  • Behaviour Summary - A summary of positive and negative behaviours for the selected date range
  • Behaviour Totals - The behaviour point totals for a selected date range
  • Select Date - Allows for a date range to be specified
  • Select User - Displays the child’s name. Should a parent have more than one child attending the school the widget will allow the ability to select a child
  • Attainment Table - Provides tables from a Results Set, which can be configured to show specified aspects.
  • Lesson Attendance - Shows an overview of a child's attendance in school by period, subject or detailed view for the selected date range.



The Attainment widget is an older widget which the Attainment Table is designed to replace


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