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mynotifications.png My Notifications

UPDATED: 04/02/21 - Version 0.2.02

This widget allows you to display notifications for specific types, e.g. Feedback from a teacher, comment on an assignment, assignment due tomorrow etc.



notification settings.PNG


It also includes a custom message, which can be used in combination with the ePortfolio Update Notification widget – to allow teachers to click a button to send a direct notification to the eportfolio recipient.

Additional Notes:

This alert message in My Notificatons will open a student’s first eportfolio – as returned in their search result. For the alert to be sent correctly, the student’s username name must be one of the fields in the eportfolio’s title.

You may need to enable an FDP role within Groups and Polices. To find out more, click here.

Download My Notification widget...   Download

Download ePortfolio Update Notification widget...   Download

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How to install a widget

If you are not sure how to install one of the FrogCode widgets please take a look at the following video tutorial....

Important Information

The Package Manager application is required to create and install FrogCode applications and widgets. By default, it is not available to any group, including Admins.  This can be added in Groups and Policies.

To create your own widgets, you will need to activate FrogCode Editor, please contact the Frog Support team. Call through on 01422 395939.

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