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Seating Plans in FrogLearn

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 Seating Plans

Updated:02/09/21 - version 3.2.8

(Previously called FrogSeats)

Paul Conkie of Backwell School has built and shared a seating planner which runs inside FrogLearn.  It allows you to drag and drop your class into room layouts you create.  It can display contextual data and can even sort seating for you.


A number of schools have asked if we will formally support his work, and we’re providing a tentative yes.  Seating Plans is Paul’s code, but we know that if your school chooses to use it, you need to know that you can rely on it.  Frog will make best endeavours to support this FrogCode application, even though it’s not an official Frog product.


We would also like to thank Paul Conkie for making this available to any Frog schools that wish to use it, at no cost.

Watch Paul demonstrate the application on the forum


Please use the form below to request a download link. ​​​​​

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