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FrogCode expands the possibilities of your Frog platform, built inside Learn it allows you to create your own widgets and applications. As standard it is not enabled in Learn, to get it added all you need to do is get in touch with our Support Desk on 01422 395939.

Widget Showcase

Take a look at all the widgets that have been created using FrogCode - click the link below to view the showcase. Remember to take a look at our FrogCode introductory tutorials before you start using the functionality.

Widget Showcase

FrogCode Tutorials


FrogCode Editor

FrogCode Editor is the editing interface where you build widgets and applications. Access to FrogCode is per user (NOT profile-based).

FrogCode Editor supports:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Markdown
  • CSS
  • Less

FrogLearn is pre-loaded with:

  • Boostrap CSS (v2.3)
  • Moment.js
  • jQuery UI


Package Manager

Package Manager allows you to import and install applications and widgets. Access can be enabled via the Groups and Policies app (turned off by default).

Important Information

To activate FrogCode - please contact the Frog Service Desk - call through on 01422 395939.



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