Class Goals

Class Goals

When class goals are applied by a teacher in a progression chart (see glossary class goals) the data can be exposed in Progress reports by using either:

  • Continuum summary by assessment period  
  • Student Summary Progress Assessment Period reports


Both above reports are individual reports, but can be batch processed, so the report can be run for an individual student or an entire cohort with each child either having a discreet pdf or the cohort processed as one file. While Frog processes the finished reports you can continue to work in Frog until the process is complete.


Selecting to include Class Goals


Results of Class goals will be shown either as whole class or individual goals in the report. Class Goals can either be part of an existing Learning Objective or stand alone. They do not have to be curriculum related – however this can be useful when schools review the curriculum if they feel certain class goals should be included in revised curriculum to ensure the curriculum provides enough stretch and rigour for your school.

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