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Trip booking system using Frog ePortfolios

Pimlico Academy

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Replacing paper!

Challenging Paper-based System

The leadership team at Pimlico Academy fully encourage teachers to plan school field trips, but the paper process required for every excursion was getting in their way.

“We can’t have trips conflicting with school events and we have to make sure insurance is in place for each visit.”

Aimée Dronfield.
School Frog Manager and Pastoral & Inclusion Administrator

Using a paper-based system tied up many resources in the school and securing internal trip approvals inevitably delayed communications to parents.

ePortfolios Solution

Looking for a better way to manage their trip bookings, the team at Pimlico Academy posed the question with Frog. Already familiar with ePortfolios, the administration team had set up a site for each teacher so had almost found a solution before coming to Frog.

To turn their sites into a working booking system, Frog suggested use of the Set Keyword Widget. A file drop facility was added to the individual sites which enabled teachers to upload the necessary documents.

Using the Set Keyword Widget teachers could ‘submit their page’ to the Trip Coordinator. The request and documentation would be checked, and another Set Keyword Widget applied to send the page for SLT approval. If anything was found to be missing, the submission could be returned to the teacher for amends.

Limiting teachers to one site per individual helped to add control to the process because subsequent requests could not be made until the initial submission had been approved.


“It’s been really well received by everyone in school ensuring trips go through without delay or in a rush and it’s given everyone visibility of the trips taking place. Because the trip coordinator can oversee everything, they can keep a central calendar record”.

The team will be making further enhancements to their trip booking system, adding in an FAQ section and adding alerts so that teachers can be notified of status changes.

Benefits of using the Frog system...

  • Ensures compliance
  • Reduces workload
  • Creates a visible process


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