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Haybridge School Significantly Reduce Marking with FrogPlay

Haybridge School

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Positive Changes



School: Haybridge High School and Sixth Form

Location: Hagley, Worcestershire

Student roll: 1,276

Time spent on quizzes: 445 hours/over 53 days

Time saved on marking: 77 hours/ over 53 days

Last year Haybridge school made positive changes to the way that they assess, placing greater emphasis on formative assessment going forward. At the same time, they were looking for ways to effectively reduce teacher workload, specifically around marking.

Their planned assessment changes made it an opportune time to make better use of FrogPlay alongside their FrogLearn platform. With almost 500 hours spent on quizzes to date this academic year, we asked them how things were going:

How has FrogPlay supported change?

FrogPlay, a curriculum-mapped quiz and assessment engine, provided the teaching team with the facility to prepare bespoke content. Quizzes could be set as homework or used within the classroom. A great advantage of FrogPlay is that quizzes can be self-marking which means students and teachers receive instant feedback instead of waiting for submissions to be manually marked. Through this interface, it became easy to identify next steps at a class or individual level, to make best use of revision activities and class content. The built-in flexibility enables teachers to set an engaging mix of activities including multiple choice, pairing and word selection.

“Quizzes can be quite sophisticated and crucially, unlike most paper-based quizzes, once created in Frog, they can be used again and again.”


How is it supporting teachers?

With a drive to reduce teacher workload across the school, the team are benefiting from the time saving features in FrogPlay.

“Time is saved through the simple creation and reuse of quizzes and linking this to markbooks mean outcomes are easily recorded and diagnostically reviewed with minimum input from staff. This has completely changed our approach in school.”


How is it supporting students?

Going digital has brought further advantages in-school, reducing the need for carrying around textbooks which means homework isn’t lost in transit. The fast feedback loop means students don’t have to wait for their mark and teacher’s comments are in clear type, rather than handwritten.

“Students are enjoying the nature of the quizzes. They don’t require long written elements and questions can be attempted over and over until they’ve achieved 100%. This aids long-term memory.”


What improvements are you seeing?

FrogPlay fits well into teaching and learning practice at the school:

“The quizzes fit our work with ‘deliberate practice’ as students are reviewing elements of the curriculum systematically and regularly.”

This way of learning is felt to be extremely beneficial for students:

“Students are able to place important information into their long-term memories,which means they can recall key information”

Teachers are given the information they need to make decisions:

“Teachers can quickly visualise what has successfully gone into a student’s long-term memory and importantly – what hasn’t! This informs teaching and future planning.”

And as for their workload...

“Quite simply, the FrogPlay quiz engine reduces the marking load immensely.”

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