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Frog Oscars

Whalley Range High School

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Whalley Range is a large 11-18 High School of 1500 girls located in the heart of inner city Manchester. Every year we like to put on a whole school competition to drum up interest in Frog, reward students who make good use of the platform, and thank staff who are implementing new and innovative ideas. We’ve previously ran a ‘Find the Frogs’ competition (an idea we got from the VTLE Team at The Radclyffe School) but most recently a Frog Oscars competition, themed on the ever popular film industry Oscars/Academy Awards.

Andy Taylor, Whalley Range High School

The idea was a simple one, prizes were available for the top users of the platform (found via the fantastic Analytics app in Frog Learn) but additionally staff could nominate students for a special prize and vice-versa.




Promotion involved the design of a Frog site to house information about the competition and provide the forms (using the form widget) to allow staff and students to nominate each other. The prizes were for:




Most visits by a student in KS3

Most visits by a student in KS4

Most visits by a student in KS5

Best use of a forum (nominated by staff)





Most visits by staff (Frog Champion)

Most visits by staff (general staff)

Most popular sites

Best use of frog in a lesson (nominated by students)


Digital signage


We’re big advocates of digital signage too, which we use to promote school events, awareness and achievements, so we put together some promotional signage screens to raise the competition’s profile as well. It was also promoted in assemblies.



The idea was a huge success and saw our user logins shoot through the roof, and encouraged some friendly competition around the school.



The Frog Shop has some great goodies such as pens, pads, and badges, which were perfect to drop in to a few of the colourful Frog bags, along with some chocolates!

The competition was run by Mrs Wragg (Deputy Headteacher) and Mr Taylor (Web Designer) at Whalley Range 11-18 High School, members of the Education and Leadership Trust and proud users of Frog Learn.

You can read more about Whalley Range's Oscar day  on their school blog...


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