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Taking on the world with FrogPlay

Westminster Academy

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FrogPlay World Championships


Westminster C of E Primary Academy in Bradford, West Yorkshire is part of The Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust - known as BDAT, They have 629 pupils in a 3 form entry as well as a 60-place nursery.


The academy has a high proportion of children eligible for pupil premium in an area of high deprivation. Many of the pupils are new to country as their pupil intake includes refugees and asylum seekers. There’s also a high proportion with English as their second language.

How it all began

In October 2018, Westminster Academy chose FrogPlay as a homework solution to improve levels of homework completion and reduce teacher workload when setting and marking work.

Though an intial concern for wholly using an online solution was that many of their children had little or no access to devices at home, the school approached this by running a series of workshops that would support parents and children in accessing and using Frog. Time in the IT suite was extended through breakfast and after-school clubs to ensure everyone had a fair opportunity to take part.


Things were just up and running when news of the FrogPlay World Championships came through. The timing was perfect as it would give everyone the opportunity to get to know Frog better as well as the opportunity to compete for some great prizes.

We wanted to get everyone involved and held an assembly to announce that we would be taking part in the FrogPlay World Championships

Claire Greenwood
Vice Principal

The competition gained momentum from there and the results were quite surprising.

We found we had a few very competitive students with 3 or 4 of them seriously starting to clock up the hours on Frog

Claire Greenwood
Vice Principal

Social media posts kept parents informed of progress with updates on the leaderboard positions which meant everyone could get behind the initiative. The quizzes that the children were completing at home to increase their scores covered a wide range of topic areas, including content not yet taught in school. The engagement in homework and learning was a welcome outcome for the school. The biggest issue was controlling the hours that some of the pupils were spending trying to get ahead in the competition!


Using data to tackle common misconceptions

Staff found they could use the data to identify common misconceptions and put suitable interventions in place.

Using FrogPlay teachers can perform Question Level Analysis much faster, with simple colour coded reporting on pupil’s answers. Now they can see trends such as, if the entire maths set get the same question(s) wrong and plan their lessons accordingly.

Teacher feedback has been positive as it has helped to reduce their workload on marking and administation allowing them to prioritise and optimise classwork.


Impact of FrogPlay

Two of Westminster’s pupils dominated the FrogPlay World Championships, achieving 1st and 2nd place out of nearly 1 Million students worldwide, from across 14 countries.

The year 5 and year 6 pupils that accumulated 350-400 hours each, often choosing to complete new topics that had not been covered in school and helping the school clock up an impressive 2500 hours in just 6 months.

Staff commented they were amazed to hear students chatting about homework in the playground and competing to see who could complete the most.


What is FrogPlay?


Raising Results

A year 6 pupil who came second place in the World Championships by completing hundreds of exercises was formerly in an intervention group for reading and grammar but is now achieving a greater depth standard since his time using Frog.


From a parent’s perspective, the competition has been a fun way for the children to learn, this was what the winning pupil’s father had to say:

“During the competition my son mastered the maths quizzes and would challenge himself to do harder questions. Combining this with gamification made it exciting.”

The impact has been felt at home, he continues:

“He started off in standard and made his way up to the advanced level. This has improved his grammar, speech and spelling which is excellent as these quizzes are a stress-free way to learn.”


What’s next?

With SATs in progress, the school is really hoping for their best set of results.

Frog has definitely had an impact on groups of children, particularly those with challenges around IT use and parental support. In most cases where we’ve had strong pupil engagement, we’ve seen a big impact, so we need to expand on this success

Claire Greenwood
Vice Principal


About FrogPlay

Deliver a unique learning experience using curriculum mapped quizzes to engage pupils.

300,000 Pre-built resources to reduce workload

Using FrogPlay teachers gain access to a wide range of pre-built content, instantly removing the need to create homework topics from scratch.  Pupils can lead their own learning whilst teachers can rapidly set comprehensive homework tasks.

Motivate pupils through game-based quizzing

To help engage pupils beyond the classroom FrogPlay provides powerful game-based quizzes. When enabled, gameplay is unlocked once a selection of topic questions have been completed and continues to add game credits and new features as pupils advance. 

The more they learn, the greater the play!

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