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Freedom Through Frog to Develop a Curriculum

Northburn Primary School

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Northburn Primary School based in the North East were looking to develop their curriculum and personalise their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A key area of focus for this work was to develop positive links between home and school with complete transparency of the curriculum. Through Frog they had the tools needed to get started.

What they were looking to achieve

Personalisation of KPIs

The leadership team wanted to load the existing KPIs into Frog, review the new curriculum and turn foundation subjects into skills-based steps.

Progress skills

They were looking to build on their skills every year and gain flexibility within their curriculum content areas, allowing the curriculum to flow in a linear fashion from the Early Years framework.

Involve Parents

Northburn Primary were keen to involve parents in their child’s education, so publicising the curriculum was important to them. Sharing individual curriculum would enable parents to positively impact learning.

Why they chose Frog

“Frog technology has a great look and feel; it’s very intuitive with an attractive interface – it’s one of the key things we liked about it. It’s easy to use in the classroom and access via mobile devices in seconds.”

Tony Hall, Deputy Headteacher

How they did it

The school wanted to create a curriculum that was unique to them so that pupils and parents could engage with learning and feel more empowered to use the content.

“It’s very much ours; no-one else has this curriculum. It’s written by our own subject leaders which enables us to establish what’s really important to our school and wider community.”

Tony Hall, Deputy Headteacher


This is how they achieved it

Ongoing development

They started small, using Frog technology initially for only Maths and English subject areas, making minor changes to the curriculum each year. They wanted to get things right with their core subjects first so that challenges and pain points could be identified and resolved before foundation subjects were added.

The school has worked through these changes and last year added the foundation subjects to the Frog portal. Since the transfer there have been minor tweaks but going forward the changes for foundation are only minor, meaning Northburn Primary successfully moved all subject areas into Frog within a three-year period.

Teacher Benefits

Frog makes it much simpler for teachers to quickly appraise class activity and progression, making reporting much easier. Top performing subjects are easily recognised, and individual learning patterns clear for teachers to action. The data enabled through Frog now informs teaching and changes are easily made to accommodate student needs.

“I create a data pack three times a year using all the data we collect, then it’s analysed by Key Stage leaders, governors and school improvement partners – Frog has simplified this process incredibly.”

Tony Hall, Deputy Headteacher


Training for Parents

At the outset Northburn Primary wanted to engage parents in their child’s learning. To fully embed Frog in everyday life, the school invited parents for training sessions and provided user friendly guidance for them to take away. This activity has helped to prepare parents for further changes such as, using digital letters in place of printed material and reducing parents evening time slots using Frog as an ongoing interface with parents.

Through the schools’ proactive approach to embedding new technology, there have been significant wins for teachers, students and parents alike. Investing time at the start of the implementation has paid off in a relatively short period of time, giving them strong foundations to continue their programme of improvement and efficiency.

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