Could cloud hosting for your Frog platform be the better choice for your school?

As schools increasingly look to move software services onto the cloud, as a route to reducing maintenance costs and in-house management, it is a great time to consider cloud hosting for your Frog platform.

When distance learning became a must for schools, the dynamics of software usage changed considerably which created a real interest in cloud hosting as a secure and stress-free option. Whilst cloud hosting isn’t suitable for every school, there are many advantages to a fully managed service with regular backups and disaster recovery solutions.

If you would like to explore cloud hosting for your Frog platform, get in touch and we’ll run through a checklist to see if this would be advantageous for your school. If you decide to go ahead Frog will deal with all migrations and support you in making this change with as little impact as possible.


The Benefits


Benefits of Cloud Hosting


green-tick-rosette.png Improved performance

green-tick-rosette.png Reduced maintenance costs

green-tick-rosette.png Secured data

green-tick-rosette.png Reduced downtime

green-tick-rosette.png Stress free management


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