Parental Engagement

As we know, parental engagement is the key to successful student outcomes. Frog can successfully improve strategies, equally empowering and encouraging parents to become involved in their child’s learning.

Parents as Learners

Visit the FrogStore to see our Alistair Smith endorsed 'Parents as Learners' Frog site. This site can support your engagement strategy by highlighting what parents want to know and the most common concerns they have.


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Watch Clare Powlesland from St Columba's discuss parent power...

Ideas for engagement

Take a look at the Frog Community to find a set of ideas for helping you increase parental engagement and give parents a real insight into their child's school life.



Set up your parents

Frog can automatically create parent accounts from the MIS Import - making it easy for you to increase engagement and get communicating.

Please contact the Service Desk if you need help with the extractor.

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